Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Her Majesty is done with Georgie Girl

Sporting a newly trimmed Polar Bear look which wouldn't go amiss down at XXL this Saturday, (and papped right in front of the WRONG sign), Her Majesty just dropped the Boy. No rucks, no getting caught fingering Jack Tweed in the shower, yes, Georgie was on his best behaviour and was duly rewarded with early release. Now. Can we get back to the music please? There's a wealth of great stuff waiting to be released. I expect the next album from him to be career defining. One tip though George. Don't give songs away again. Especially ones as gorgeous and amazing as this, and ESPECIALLY not to Charlotte Church!

Charlotte Church - Even God on MUZU.

Proof that he really is back at home? He logged into his YouTube channel yesterday. Go visit shewasneverhe and subscribe now.


Paul said...

he really should get rent boys to sign a waiver saying they don't mind being chained up in the future. that's what i do :P :P :P

DanProject76 said...

Oh yes so many bloody unreleased songs that I haven't even heard. I have heard the albums of "unreleased" songs though, which makes no sense. And liked them.

Gregling said...

I can't believe that song, a little bit of cry just came out, it's superb. Did you notice the bit where she's kind of going backwards thourgh the room, possibly on castors? It reminded me of the video for 'Victims'. Deliberate? Anyway I just messaged him on youtube and sent him a bit of Arthur Russell for luck.