Saturday, 30 May 2009

Never give up it's such a wonderful life

Like a phoenix from the ashes that was the supremely good Daggers comes this new duo Hurts. Thankfully, singer Theo didn't give up the day job and their MySpace page has two tracks on it and the ubiquitous Fred Falke has done a splendid mix of one (how does he find the time!?). No.1 Hits and Popjustice have already fanfared their arrival this week.

The video below, Wonderful Life (NOT a cover of the 80s band Black's song), which sneaked onto YouTube is worthy of a single. It's a brooding, hook-laden track with (unusually these days) a great narrative in the lyrics. And I do like the stylised video, even when the girl suddenly breaks into a bout of vogueing at 0:50. But I especially like the close-ups of singer, Theo. My. What a handsome lad.

The look and sound of Hurts couldn't be further away from Daggers. The crisp white shirts with top button done is reminiscent of Dexys Midnight Runners' complete transformation into suits after years of needing a good wash and dancing round in rags (although The JoBoxers once revealed that these were stage outfits). Theo's ditched the inner city grime for 50s Italian suave. And the whole performance has been taken down more than several notches. I wonder, though, if this shift in gears is permanent because he looks like he's just a fankick away from strutting up and down the stage again.

There's no news on releases or even if the band are likely to be signed (MySpace says no at the moment). But if Fred Falke's doing mixes for them, I wouldn't be surprised if they popped up on his mate, Alan Braxe's label, Vulture, alongside UK trio Fenech-Soler.


countpopula said...

What an immense song. How do you find these artists? You really have your finger on the pulse IMO. Makes me want to buy their record NOW.

Poster Girl said...

On the one hand, I'm thrilled they're back--Daggers breaking up was devastating.

On the other hand, I'm missing the energy of their former incarnation's best songs--the fun, the boldness. There's still a boldness there, but it's more subtle and subdued...which is fine (and "Wonderful Life" is great), but I hope it's not all we're getting.

DanProject76 said...

Another bloody marvellous find!

T said...



Anonymous said...

Great great great!
Very beautiful song.Finally, smth different.
Love it!

magic_marker said...

This song is being played constantly on Greek radio. I've been going nuts to find it lol

i can't wait for it to be released (scratching head - how's it getting airplay here??)

peace and thanks on what seems to be a great site :)

[pressing palms] now can i see the video please :)))))

Phil said...

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