Saturday, 23 May 2009

Northern Kind: crash and grab

All hooked up and ready to go are Leicester duo, Northern Kind, the latest in the Electronically Yours label's growing roster of electro artists. It's a credit to Rob at EY that the new album Wired has a home. He and NK's Matt concocted a masterplan of world domination beginning with this album and taking in Parralox and the forthcoming EY compilation along the way (more on that soon).

A couple of years ago, Northern Kind added their crisp synthpop to the sound of the crowd with an accomplished debut Fifty Three Degrees North. And now Wired has placed them firmly in the non-flash-in-the-pan category. Yup, they're bona fide popsters now. Matt and vocalist, Sarah, have a real knack for songwriting: fresh, dynamic and full of gorgeous synth hooks. Their sound is like a Yazoo/Human League supergroup (with just the girls singing) and vare British. My favourite on the album is Crash, listen to it below.

Crash - Northern Kind

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Buy Wired, the album here and here.

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Paul said...

the electronically yours franchise as i suppose it should be called is increasingly impressive :) Thanks for the heads up on this, its quite decent indeed.