Thursday, 21 February 2008

East(end) meets west

The Brits 2008. This was the performance of the night, and the most inspired. And, the kind of scatter-brained idea that makes the awards so special. Fuck the Ozzzzzzzzbournes, Rihanna and the Klaxons doing Umberella with Golden Skans backing track. Ha! Brilliant.

The Klaxons were just ON it and our Rihanna GOT it. Her hoodie, the flick of the hair to shake off the R 'n' B mousse, and the messianic posturing. Fabulosa. The Spandau Ballet/Hoxton styling was genius too.

At least it was a collaboration that worked as opposed to the aberration of Mika and Beth Ditto: "It'll be great, Beth. You just pop up do a line of your song, what was it again, 'Standing in the Way of Grace Kelly'?".

At this Brits School disco, sorry Brits Awards, The Osbournes did OK except for Sharon, Jack and Ozzzzzzzy. Kelly was professional, Sharon an embarrassing drunken mum, Jack, still Kevin the Teenager after all these years and who employed Ozzzzzzzzy? Just a shouty, drug-fucked tit; no doubt paid thousands of pounds per grunt. But overall, it was the same as every year: loads wrong with it; the wrong people won and most of the acts were rubbish.

I love the Brits.

The gorgeous Beth, looking for a bevvy in a specially-made House of Holland jumpsuit (take note Joanie!).

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Adem With An E said...

So, so good, and did you hear she told NME she wants to release it as a single? NEEDS. TO. BE. DONE.

As much as there was wrong with The Brits, it is still the most entertaining and enjoyable music awards ceremony in the world by FAR. Grammy's put me to sleep, the AMA, MTV and all the Australian ones are an absolute chore to sit through... The Brits though, never.