Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tempo, tempo!

Ooh what an itchy scratchy band! Like Andy Bell on a comedown with Placebo, Temposhark have a masterplan to get under the skin. And that's why they're insanely catchy. Bugger the pop pretensions, this lot want to be the second electro stadium band too, (the first being Depeche Mode natch). And judging by all the blog love, their masterplan is working.

Arjanwrites LOVES the UK 4-piece. He's even got a free download here and Electroqueer is fizzing at his robotic gash with not one, but two interviews here with ver ladz.

God love 'em, the lads are bouncing back and forth across the Atlantic promoting the new album The Invisible Line being all hard working and that. The Imogen Heap duet Not That Big and the stonking Crime are my faves. Clicky here to have a listen on TheirSpace


Worrapolava is one year old today. Can you believe it? I won't link you to the first ever post. It's a bit tentative and a bit crap.

Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys (other blogs, hahaha). ;)


Adem With An E said...

1) Happy Birthday Mister. You know I be loving this place and am so pleased you ass has finished moving.

2) Temposhark are ace. Thanks for the introduction!

3) Happy Birthday again. :)


xolondon said...

happy B'day!

Temposhark. Hmmmm. I like half the CD and hate half the CD. I did a TEENSY bit on them for the March issue of Instinct, where I asked about the entendre of Not That Big!

DanProject76 said...

Happy Birthday.

Temposhark are not bad really.

I am tired now.

Brett said...

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on 1 year of blogdom!

I have not heard of Temposhark before reading your blog so thankyou for enlightening me

X b

Phil said...

Cheers peeps! x