Monday, 25 February 2008

Pre-oscars nonsense

Varda this shizzle.

At the pre-Oscars party at Soho House, LA, Friday, the stars had been hitting the house speciality: the elixir of yoot. Madge looks amazingly FRESH for a woman nearing fifty (but we know one tug on the label at the base of the wig and it all deflates)

Has Ashton stepped out with Rumer by mistake? Demi is looking ten years younger than her high school fella.

Matthew Perry gave the elixir a miss this year...

Helen couldn't make it but, thoughtfully, sent a piece of paper instead.


Adem With An E said...


xolondon said...

Seriously! What has Demi done? I think a "feather lift" which is like tiny wires under the skin. It did wonders for Michelle Pfeiffer!

Phil said...

Again though, one false move and she'll fall apart. I love how her 'younger looking' new face looks nothing like the Demi of, say, 'Ghost' era.

DanProject76 said...

Is that Dawn From Buffy with that unfunny Friends bloke?

Oh no, all the old birds have had their faces sliced off and re-positioned. Vile vile vile!