Monday, 18 February 2008

Sometimes I...

...have guilty pleasures and this is one of 'em. Sounding a lot like early noughties Italian Moony - remember DB Boulevard's Point of View? Or even sounding like a Sophie Ellis-Bextor reject from 2 albums ago, this song is a right old earworm.

Laura Critchley, for that is who it is, seems to have been floating around the chart margins and local newspapers forever. Honestly, there's only so many stories headed "Fame Calls for Laura" in the Carphone Warehouse Gazette a career can handle. And she could probably do without stories like the old baloney of catching 'ladies' man' Robbie William's eye (that's him on the left, and yes he HAS lost a lot of weight, must have a record coming out). The Liverpool lass, who supported the Sugababes last year, nah, me neither, seems to be getting playlisted on tons of radio stations so as you read this with, say, Q103 FM in Manchester on in the background, then there's a high probability Sometimes I is now playing.

If not, have a listen at HerSpace to the radio-friendly remix.

Whatevs, Terry Wogan loves this song. Shriek! I'm off for a lie down.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha- Love it... Mind you - thats Mika in the photo - but I reckon you knew that.

Whats a girl to do if Carphone warehouse keep running that same bloody article!

In any case - there aren't ENOUGH stations playing the single... we want MORE... (actually .. seriously - we want more...)

Im not sure this one will chart - but we aint going away... she does deserve a break - works so bloody hard. Great voice... and its a really small one man record label - no major behind this one... so all yo usee is the result of a really independant team trying to break the mould...

Still - glad its a guilty pleasure... mine is ABBA.

Phil said...

Is that Laura's mum? hehe... ta though!

Adem With An E said...

KILLER SONG. Fuck me. You're SPOT ON with the Moony/DB Boulevard connection; "Point Of View" and "Dove" still remain two of the songs I listen to during any desperate need of cheering myself up.