Sunday, 24 February 2008

A strange combo

As well as headlining this year's St Patricks Day festival on Sunday 16th March in the glorious Trafalgar Square - where it's rumoured she'll be performing for a full hour - our favourite Irish chanteuse, Roisin Murphy, is also rehearsing with Tony Christie for an iTunes Live: London Sessions event next Saturday. Candy floss-haired Tony, who was as unfashionable as prawn cocktail at the end of the 70s, seems like the oddest choice in the world to perform alongside fashionista Roe. But not so odd when you know the many tentacled connections betwixt the two.

8 years ago, before the multi-million selling re-release of Is This the Way to Amarillo? jettisoned him back into the public eye, Tony sang Walk Like a Panther for the production trio The All Seeing I. The very same producers are also working with La Murphy and as they're Sheffield buddies of Richard Hawley (keep up at the back) who has Tony and Roisin performing on HIS new album, the dots are joined. Phew.

Anyhoo, clicky here for more info and how to get 'tickets' for the gig next Saturday, March 1st.

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