Friday, 2 May 2008

Hooray, hooray, it's a holi-holiday

I'm off to Nice for a week. Hoorah! Last year I found a fab song by a bloke I thought was a girl. It's all explained here. Christophe Willem, who was the previous year's Nouvelle Star (Idol) winner, was all over the radio with Double Je. It sounded great filtered through the headphones whilst frying on the beach.

Double Je - Christophe Willem (zShare)

A cursory glance at the French charts sees Nadiya, another Nice discovery, warbling sweet nothings on Enrique Iglesias' Tired of Being Sorry or, en francais, Laisse le Destin l'Emporter. The words: horse, dead and flogging would spring to mind in the most cynical, but not moi. I loved this tune anyway so to have the fantabulous Nadiya on it is une definite bonus.

Tired of Being Sorry (Laisse le Destin l'Emporter) - Enrique Iglesias feat Nadiya (zShare)

It was Nadiya's bombastic track Roc which first caught my ear. Well, it would have been hard to avoid anyway seeing as it was blasting out from every radio, shop system, and open top car imaginable. It's retro, it's cheesy, it's AMAY-ZING.

Roc - Nadiya (zShare)


D'luv said...

Have a Nice trip!

Adem With An E said...

LOVE the Enrique/Nadiya track; LOTS of fun.

Hope you are having a completely fabulous and more-than nice (ho ho!) time on your trip!!