Thursday, 8 January 2009

"It's definitely time for some serious synth action"

So, in the first (and most full of itself) list of the year, the Sound of 2009 has student of the 80s, Elly Jackson and her band, well, duo, La Roux, at numero 5. Whether this translates into sales and mass recognition is irrelevant. For me anyway. Their material is more than promising. Elly's only 20 - like Adele was when she was crowned 2008's number 1 - and bursting with wide-eyed enthusiasm and passion. Watch this interview here with BBC News for her eloquent plea for a return to creative pop songs.

Elly is teamed with songwriter Ben Langmaid, who wrote for Kubb weirdly enough. As much as the image, (left) is working for La Roux, I think Ben should step out of the shadows, avec shades obviously, and style themselves as a new Eurythmics.

The numero uno of the Sound of 2009 is named tommorrow. It could be VV Brown, or hopefully Frankmusik. Just as long as it's not that bloody Little Boots, I'll be happy. Just how AWFUL is her track Stuck on Repeat?

Here's the new single, Quicksand:

Little Boots won and instead of my going "Boo!" and sticking two fingers up, Rob at EY pointed me in the direction of her cover of Freddie Mercury's Love Kills which is a REALLY good version. And she has a song on HerSpace called Every Little Earthquake which has changed my opinion... a little bit (it's actually a fab song).


xolondon said...

I am waiting to see about LaRoux. I agree about Little Boots in that I hear NOTHING new. She IS really talented, but it's derivative thus far... and the bog money machine is stoking her fire.

I don't like VV Brown interestingly enough. You KNOW how I feel about Vincent Frank though!

Paul said...

why am i always so uncool? I quite like Little Boots, but agree (like horrid Lady Gaga) she brings nothing new to the table yet. But i quite adore Meddle. She is giving all her music away for free though isn't she?!

DanProject76 said...

Little Boots is average but I love La Roux. Her look in that video just screamed "Human League Don't You Want Me video" at me!

Love the other La Roux tracks I've heard. And Frankmusik has been doing good things on my iPod for a while now.