Friday, 9 January 2009

Nâdiya and Kelly Rowland in cahoots

<a href="âdiya-&-Kelly-Rowland-No-Future-in-the-past">Nâdiya & Kelly Rowland - No Future in the past</a>Here's French superstar, Nâdiya - her mammoth hit Roc is still a big fave of mine - duetting with Kelly Rowland on brand new R&B dance track No Future in the Past. It's derivative, hackneyed and formulaic. They've thrown everything in there, including, what sounds like, the kitchen sink. Kelly even does un petit francais at 1.40. And I LOVES it.

Here's Kelly (vid below) talking about how they bumped into each other in a hotel (yeah, right) where Nadiya gave her a copy of the track and asked her to duet on it. Do you think Kelly got some extra wedge to go off on a right old love-fest about her co-star?

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