Thursday, 15 January 2009

Why on earth was Pulling pulled?

BBC Three have just shown both series of Pulling back-to-back. So if you're in the UK, head over to BBC iPlayer NOW. It's the antithesis to Gavin and Stacey: whereas the (equally funny) G&S is light and heartwarming, Pulling is dark and relentless, like a permanent cringe hangover. Donna, Louise and Karen, single, living together and falling apart are the funniest thing on TV.

The BBC, in their infinite wisdom, didn't pick up a third series. Writer, Sharon Horgan (who plays Donna), is fuming: "I haven't got a fucking clue why they did it. I can only think it's because the channel is changing. It's become much more youth orientated and we are all old birds in our late 30s. But I would love to know why they decided not to go with it anymore." Read this interview with her in happier times at the start of the second series last year. When there was a possibility that Pulling was going to transfer to BBC2, Irish Sharon was ecstatic: "People in Ireland don't really have BBC Three. I want people in Ireland to see it. I want people that I was at school with to see me on the telly."

Here's Donna and Karen with a new addition to the household:

And if you can't play the BooTube clip, here are some series quotes that aren't blocked!

"Reliable? Terry Wogan's reliable, but you wouldn't want him blowing his muck up you every night."

"Yeah, I think you're easy. But in a good way. Not easy like Abi Titmuss. Easy like Germaine Greer."

Karen at Donna's hen night: "Right. Double vodkas all round. And (to a pregnant girl) what do you want love? Something soft? Hooch? Carlsberg?"

Pulling is coming back for a one-off special in April to tie up the loose ends from series 2. They could call it Pulling One-Off. Hopefully, with the British Comedy Award under her belt, Sharon Horgan will be back on screen even more this year.


Paul said...

Oh no! I will have to check this out, it sounds hilarious. I've just got into The Inbetweeners, which made me howl with laughter for hours!

Kerry, London said...

LOVE this show, really hoping someone at beeb sees sense and makes a third series or even better than C4 commission it and give the finger to BBC3!