Saturday, 17 January 2009

White Lies of Mercy

I'm not the first, and I won't be the last (and always) to compare White Lies, here with their brilliant new single, To Lose My Life, with the grandaddies of goth, The Sisters of Mercy. The synth-driven, pomp pop of the 80s has been given a dust down and brush up by the London trio who have created something new and different. Watch them guide the BBC around their favourite haunts, including, fittingly, a graveyard. They're still just as doomy and gloomy as their forebears: wear black, don't smile and talk about death and stuff.

It's actually quite endearing, which is why I had a real soft spot for the Sisters of Mercy originally. All that grandiose gothic shit was quite cute. The Broken Doll, (R.I.P.), a nicotine drenched pub in Newcastle, was full of goths, all teasing their massive bouffants whilst looking suitably miserable sucking pints of lager and black through straws. But they were funny as fuck and sharp as pins. A non-goth who wandered in was quietly ripped to shreds. And the dancing! That electrocuted windmill thing was entertainment in itself.

Here's SoM from 1984 with Walk Away...

Walk Away - The Sisters of Mercy (zShare)

No Time to Cry - The Sisters of Mercy (zShare)

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