Friday, 9 January 2009

Pet Shop B-sides: we ARE all criminals now

Bless Neil and Chris for still placing b-side tracks in high regard. And they've had this attitude towards the forgotten track from day one ensuring theirs are never forgotten. Songs like In the Night, Paninaro (an A-Side in Italy), The Truck Driver and His Mate and Your Funny Uncle are just as popular as any a-side. On their website yesterday, as an almost prophetic statement, they announced the completion of the b-side to upcoming single Love Etc.. Called We're All Criminals Now it comes just as the UK government announced today that EVERY SINGLE email sent and received in this country - 35,000 PER SECOND - will be recorded and kept for a year by service providers. Eek. Together with the most-per-capita CCTV cameras, GPS and phone call logs, we're all living in a Big Brother bubble in Britain.

Neil said about the song: "Yes, we're still banging on about the erosion of freedoms in this country." He also goes on to link to this excellent Guardian article about our too-powerful UK government.

**UPDATE** They have now completed a second (!!) b-side called Gin and Jag.

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Paul said...

fucking hell, i better stop sending such pervy emails to people!!