Friday, 13 February 2009

Drive a car? I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

After being so hard for years, Neil Tennant has finally passed his driving test. And in a typically unassuming Tennant kind of way. Apparently, while he left Chris to twiddle knobs in the studio during the recording of their new album, Yes, Neil was out on the road having lessons. Aged 54, he passed his test at the Durham Test Centre, near his north east England hideaway.

With the single, Love Etc. imminent, news stories like this are all over the place. This one surfaced on the Newcastle Evening Chronicle site, Neil's (and mine) home city. Clicky here for a read and a cute audio snippet where he describes how the driving examiner didn't know who he was. Oh, and by the way, have I ever told you how I went to the same school as him? Of course I have.

Neil's also been trading a few bon mots that are guaranteed press coverage - call Simon Cowell a twat and EVERYONE listens. So it looks like everything's hotting up for the BRITS, the single and the album. Hoorah!

I heard Love Etc. at Kimono Krush tonight. It sounded quite epic. As an album opener it feels like the RIGHT decision. I can't imagine the last three launch singles being this good in a club.

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Paul said...

i called simon cowell a twat the other day in the coffee room and no one paid attention. still i don't have a song out as amazing as love, etc. Maybe when i do...!!