Saturday, 14 February 2009


More Pet Shop Boys, peeps. On Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd show, listen here, Neil lets slip that there is a possibility of them, finally, working with Dame Shirley Bassey. The camp-o-meter goes off the scale here. DSB and PSB? I'd like to think it would be a poignant "I've lived a life" kind of ballad, orchestral and stirring, but something tells me it'll be all glitter, tits and fan kicks. Either way, we'll love it.

Neil says of the collaboration: "I hope this isn't top secret but Miss Bassey is actually making an album at the moment with a very good producer who actually phoned us up to see if we had any songs for her... This was just before Christmas and we haven't had a response yet."

Could this producer be Trevor Horn? I think we should be told! In the meantime, here's DSB performing a Trevor Horn track originally done by the other diva, Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm. And those dancers aren't that camp, are they?


xolondon said...

One can only dream...

Paul said...

that could actually satisfy me until the never gonna happen Results2 appears :)