Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Emmon's out of the closet. Sort of.

Like the CS Lewis book, stumbling into a big old wardrobe and then out the other side into a magical land called Narnia, Emmon's new album, Closet Wanderings (see what I did there) arrives all glittery and mystical. Not that I would know. The Swedish pop minx has just released her new album but I can't hear it ANYWHERE! If anyone can help, get in touch. Secrets and Lies was a cracking kick-off single with a great video.

This must be the first non-news post I've done. International fans can buy it from here via PayPal. But really, a listening widget would be nice!

Do check her MySpace here too.


xolondon said...

As you know, you should have now heard the Emmon!

Phil said...

I have! Thanks you. I love it. But like the Wonderland Records guy said, they're a small label, so I shall buy the CD!