Monday, 2 February 2009

Jessie does LA LA Land

At the end of 2008, London more-than-hopeful singer, Jessie, lost her record deal when the label went under. Not one to sit around and mope, she upped and headed for the States when other UK record labels failed to bite. One gig at The Viper Rooms in LA and a flurry of meetings ensued with suits falling over themselves to sign the gutsy lass. Universal Republic Records were the successful bidders and below is the actual showcase at their offices...

And so Jessie will be recording an album for release this year. She details everything in her blog here. It's an exciting time for a talent too good to be trapped in MySpace. One request to Universal Republic Records: no Joss Stoning Jessie. Please.

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Paul said...

how exciting. I shall keep an eye on Jessie. Thanks for the tip :)