Monday, 14 July 2008

"Christopher. Not Madonna's brother"

I love this shot from the glossy pages (the ones that drop out leaf by sodding leaf) of Christopher Ciccone's kiss 'n' smell, Life With My Evil Snatch Sister I Wish Her Dead Madonna. Like the biggest one-sided rant in the world, here are all the extracts you need. The photo above, taken by Chris at the start of her ΓΌber-slut period in 1990, is her drag queen version of Patsy. It could be right out of the portfolio she's showing to every porn director in San Fernando - the way the cheap nightie rides up a leg covered in suspect pole burns is priceless.

Here are the bro' and sis' in happier times, (circa 1937).

BTW - from the comments section: "She just may be put off because he acts like a servant, not that she wants him to. It's hard to feel intimate with a servant."



xolondon said...

That top pic is in DC - I was in that hotel last summer (sadly, I did not get lucky). I am pretty sure she was here for the premier of Dick Tracy.

Phil said...

Nah, she was just there for dick.


Joseph said...

Am I wrong for thinking the excerpt was totally juicy?