Monday, 28 July 2008

I'm in love with a drum machine

A Linn Drum to be precise. And it's all over the debut album of Ozzie synth duo Parralox. I first wrote about them in March when they were in the first stages of compiling a collection of tracks by recording one a week. That collection is due to released as the album Electricity next month and judging by the solid tracks on their MySpace it's going to be a stonker. John and Roxy have come up with an amazingly catchy electro pop sound, very radio-friendly and sounding like a cross between Girls Aloud and The Human League.

The League was an early influence on the techy John Von Ahlen, in an interview with Electronically Yours he explains: "The Human League's song The Things That Dreams Are Made Of made me think "I want to do that for a job". It was early December in 1981 when I heard that song on a Saturday afternoon and my mind was completely blown away. I was already a mad electronics and sci-fi fan and grew up on Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Lost In Space etc and then I heard this electronic noise coming from the radio and was spellbound. Something inside me connected with the clinical precision of this music. It was the perfect combination of great song writing and great production and I soon started to immerse myself in electronic music. And I haven't stopped". The full interview can be found here - scroll down to 11 June (there's also a great interview with very lapsidaisical Marsheaux!)

There's definitely something in the water in Australia at the mo'. The likes of The Presets, Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts and Antigone have all blossomed this year; and now we have Parralox. Oz-tastic.


Yuяi said...


I'd agree, Oz seems to be magical these days.

Adem With An E said...


Why aren't these guys signed?! Why has no one informed Modular about them?!

Thank you so much for pointing these guys out to me; what a fierce set of songs on their MySpazz page.

Australia is the place for electronic music at the moment. I finally have the new Van She album in my hands and it is incredible, The Presets keep going from strength to strength with the Apocalypso project, Cut Copy album is still amazing, new remixes of Muscles' The Lake are BONZA BRILLIANT... I could go on. In the last 24 months, I've been VERY proud of my nations musical output.

Joseph said...

Wow, I was in love within the first 18 seconds of "I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine." THAT IS HOT!

Thanks for the tip. I need to keep these guys on my radar!

Joseph said...

Oh my, the Numan synth-strings in "We Believe In Electric Love" are totally making me swoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I may have a new obsession.

Phil said...

They are good aren't they!!!

Anonymous said...

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