Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Finally! Antigone! Video!

And here it is in all it's cheapo technicolour, More Man Than Man. Go here for a clickable to all the digital stores.


Paul said...

Sometimes i think there is something wrong with me. I fail to understand the messianic love for Darren, Raisin, Robyn etc. And now Antagonise :P Although, actually the single is quite lovely dont get me wrong. I'm just not overly convinced. Oh and the video is cheap and tacky. I like it :P It speaks to me :) I'm very contradictory aren't i!!! hahahaha. I hope she has multiple copies of that catsuit. She wears it EVERYWHERE> i think i am hanging on for the album. I'd like to like her but i think i have a switch that makes me not like quality pop :)

Paul said...

morning (wood) update! It was late last night when i wrote that comment and i realise it makes no sense :P What i am trying to say in the cold light of day is i like the song. it's summery and shimmery. It won't be on my faves of the year but it's definitely of the "now" - i guess i just don't get the high level of hype around her. Though then, another part of me thinks, it's a new artist producing decent music so really i should get down on my knees and thank God!! Catchy pop is so hard to come by :P

that didn't make much more sense either. I shall stop bugging you now!

D'luv said...

Poor Paul. Take two McFlys and drink lots of water.