Thursday, 10 July 2008

You can stand under my umbrella

Jessie @ Soho Revue Bar, London, Weds 9th July 2008

It rained for 24 hours before last night's gig. 24 hours!! It wasn't just a drizzle, but from sun up to sun down, it was a relentless sheet of London downpour. And standing in the queue that never moved outside a club that hadn't a clue, it was a blessed relief to actually get inside. And then the sun came out. With a voice that would dry sodden Vans and skinny jeans, Jessie lit up the room.

I came across Jessie and her songs a couple of weeks ago and was dumbstruck. She's a legit talent with an enviable roster of tracks, (go over to HerSpace now...), so it was going to be interesting to see her perform live. Supporting the soul/pop voice of the moment, Bryn Christopher (he's just too good, due his own post), Jessie held her own. Stage presence? Check. Electrifying? Check. Warmth? In abundance. And the recorded work is just another side to her. Live, she's a cracking performer. Admittedly, three songs were accoustic and two had a backing track, but there wasn't any difference. It was all about the song and the voice. Sexy Silk just sounds like a big fat hit and the accoustic version of Technology brought it a new intimacy.

Jessie's exciting. There's a real promise of something amazing happening to her. And it seems like she's got the right backing: it's nurturing rather than exploitative.

Anyhoo, here's Jessie's guide to getting ready for a gig:

1. You'll get nowhere without dental hygiene, so get those gnashers brushed

2. Lippy to help leave your mark on the mic

3. A liddle spritz of St-St-Studio Line and the hair becomes a helmet (for safety in case you fall off stage)

4. Accessorise with sunnies to protect against Cybershot flashes and READY!!

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xolondon said...

By Feb she will be a huge star and you called it!