Thursday, 17 July 2008

"Sell out Wembley? Lol. Man, that would be sick!"

The fabulous new singer, Jessie, a gem do1frood uncovered and whom I've been listening to relentlessly for a couple of weeks, has a single scheduled for release. Sexy/Silk will be out in September or October on Gut Records. Go here for previous posts and below, let Jessie introduce herself, with a short but sweet Q&A I gave her.

In a random web search for more info, I came across a piece about you winning a national competition as Young Pop Singer fo the Year for CBBC. This was a national comp so it's an amazing achievement. How do you look back on it and what made you enter in the first place?
"I did win a competition when I was 15 on a programme called Britain's Brilliant Prodigies, like Pop Idol for under 16s. I auditioned through an agency I was with at the time and didn't really think anything of it but when I won I was so ridiculously excited. Since then that I've thought "Wow, maybe I could make my hobby my career." It opened my eyes and I haven't looked back."

How would you describe your music and your voice to people listening to your stuff for the first time?

"I would describe my music as versatile but positive. My training is musical theatre so I naturally love to create characters and scenarios. My music is a showcase of that and my voice is the same, I love a pop ballad but I also love rap. I'd like to think my music has no limits in genre or risk."

In your blog, you described the writing process you've been going through for the debut album. What's it like, and do you enjoy collaborating?
"I had never written before last March when I signed to Gut Records, so the writing process has been an amazing journey for me. It's given me an opportunity to express myself and to communicate through my songs. I've co-written and loved learning the different and quirky ways each person has. I've also found my own writing style, working with known and new producers and just enjoying it. The most important thing about writing is enjoying it, however painful it is with some of the more personal stuff."

Performing music and recording songs are very diferent animals. Which do you prefer?
"Wow, that's a tough one as my performing only happens because of the songs I write. Truth be known, I love them both, however I suppose the buzz of being on stage and knowing people want to listen to what you have to say is humbling. I don't think anything could top that! I come alive on stage, the more uncomfortable I feel by the pressure of the occasion the more I want to rise to the challenge."

You went to the Brit School which is a real hotbed of talent. What was your time like there and want do you think of your fellow pupils who've succeeded?
"I did attend the Brit school, I studied Musical Theatre rather a straight music course which most of the successful Brit school pupils did. However, it's an amazing school with lots of opportunity and I can only be proud and respectful of those who have succeeded in their personal goals in music."

What are your goals?
"1. To be a consistent positive role model in the industry.
2. To take inspiration from my life experiences for my music
3. Make amazing music that will stand the test of time.
4. Have fun, laugh lots and never take myself too seriously.
5. Sell out Wembley? Lol. Had to add that on. Man, that would be sick!"

Go here for Jessie's MySpace.


xolondon said...

I think you have stumbled on a MEGA talent, but her answers reflect the Brit School training: totally canned. She doesn't reveal much!

That said, I am blown away by her vocals and songs. I hope that she'll allow her personality to shine through when she deals with press. If you notice, the success stories from BS (harhar) are all strong personalities.

Phil said...

But then I think the personality does come through, and you can't go through such an intensive training without it rubbing off. I think Jessie's answers reflect more her mentors than what her school may have taught her.

Jessie's stage banter suggests there's a real character there... it'll all come through, methinks.