Thursday, 19 March 2009

Adele's 'aving it in the US of A

The Observer Music Monthly's cover feature was a brilliant pictorial of Adele's recent adventures in the US. The hit album, the sell-out world tour, the Grammy and BRITS awards, this girl has lived ten years in one. Quite amazing. Like her counterpart Duffy, it'll be read in years to come as evidence of how quickly a debutant becomes, in Simon Cowell's words, "a major worldwide recording artist." OMM's photographer followed her as she guffawed her way through a tour and the Grammys.

America hearts UK female singers: "I'm proud to be part of it, and I love all the other girls"

She's 'aving a FAG! Never a truer word as a gaggle of fans in San Francisco still can't dislodge the ciggie from her gob as she signs autographs. Star.

Famous fans get special treatment: Slash asks Adele if she's seen his band. He last saw them twenty years ago.

Cinderella eyes the killer heels picked for her by Vogue; part of her new celeb lifestyle which still strikes her as odd: "The whole idea of being a celebrity: doing my own TV show, launching my own perfume... I suppose I could bottle my piss!"

She wears fame well.

Fame = courtside seats = an embarrassed Adele.

At the Grammys, Adele and Duffy both made a beeline for each other: "We just screamed. We were so excited. She was a little bit of home on what was the most surreal day ever."

"Mum! Mum! Can ya facking believe it... yeah! TWO!"

This gorgeous shot is like a Whistler painting. An even with no one around her, she looks happy and very at home with herself.

Well, burger me. She don't care: "I hate fashion! I had to tell [Anna Wintour] I've got four bums...".

It's been a long day. In bed with Obama and a Marlboro Light. Klassy.

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