Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Daggers R.I.P.

Oh no! Totally gutted - and vare out of the loop seeing as this happened at the end of January. Daggers are NO MORE! Sob. The Manchester band had so much going for them: great songs, great look, great front man, great live sound but unfortunately, no album. And that's what probably finished them off. This was their short, but sweet, suicide note.

I stumbled on them through Paul Lester's New Band of the Day column on The Guardian. And wrote my first post here. And then every so often, they popped up again as I kept you abreast of what they were doing. Songs like Money and the last one to appear on TheirSpace, Better Than Love were clever, accomplished pop songs, so it's a shame it's all come to nothing. I was only just listening to Money this morning thinking, this is fucking great. Hey ho.


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Paul said...

oh for fucks sake. this is getting ridiculous. upper room, lorraine now someone else, daggers. What is the world coming to>?