Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pet Shop Boys: front cover stars

PSB mania, played out in the media and right here, is never-ending at the moment. The Guardian Weekend - the paper's colour supplement and a very superior one at that - has the boys on the front cover. The interview is online at right here.

Quotable quotes...

"Pet Shop Boys are forever enshrined in the collective imagination as these two stony-faced men who look a bit pissed off at being wherever they are" - NEIL

"I was reading in a book about EMI that we were their most successful artists in the world in the second half of the 80s, but nobody told us at the time" - NEIL

"Outrageous sportswear is far too young for how old I am now [49], but I can't help it. Those are the clothes I like and I'm not going to compromise. You can't help the clothes you like" - CHRIS

"You have to signpost these things. [On why Neil has never caught the tabloid newspapers' interest] Some people instinctively talk loudly on the bus on their phones so everyone can hear what their saying and some people don't. Well that's what fame's like - people do it as a deliberate strategy, whether or not they think they're doing it. There's no reason people shouldn't be like that, it's a great thing, a great thing for the media that people are like soap operas. You could have made a soap opera out of us, but we didn't do it in public. The Pet Shop Boys don't talk loudly on our phones on the bus." - NEIL


xolondon said...

That last quote is great and makes me wonder what the soap opera would have been! ooh ahhhh

Phil said...

A long lost friend of mine worked for PSB's manager Jill Carrington in the late 90s. Why I didn't pump her for info then, I'll never know. BIG regret! hahaha

D'luv said...

Oooh, I spoke with Jill once on the phone in 2003, when I was working at Instinct and desperately wanted to interview them when PopArt came out. She was pretty nice.

In the end, it didn't pan out because PopArt had so much copyright red tape from the Boys having been on four different U.S. labels over the years. It didn't get released here till EMI stepped in and put it out in 2006.

Anyway, thanks for the pics of the article!