Monday, 16 March 2009

FREE! Parralox remix!

This month sees the release of Parralox's HUGE single Sharper Than a Knife. I say huge because there's no less than 19 versions on sale! Well, here's the 20th remix. Totally free and available for download below with the blessing of the band themselves. It's actually a remix I did as part of a competition from the end of last year. Despite not having made the cut (believe me when I say the standard was VERY high - 19 versions more to be precise!) the instrumentation backing Roxy's vocals is totally original and only adds to your Parralox collection! Check out more of my stuff at MySpace here.

The single recently got a thumbs aloft from the Dame Perez of Hilton which resulted in 8,500 extra plays on their MySpace that day alone. It all bodes well as John records the new album with new vocalist Amii (left) and new bassist, the legendary Ian Burden of The Human League. Roxy's taking a back seat for a while to concentrate on personal stuff, so bon chance, duckie! Now if Phil Oakey could be persuaded to sing on a track that would be extra special, even if he is being a guest vocalist ho at the mo. Go listen to Hotter and I Am Human over on TheirSpace now.

Sharper Than a Knife (phileastend RMX) - Parralox (zShare)

Pre-order/buy your copy of the single here.

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DanProject76 said...

I loved that mix you did, I sneaked it on to some mix CDs for friends.

Phil said...

Why THANK YOU kind sir!