Sunday, 29 March 2009

The cult of Fenech-Soler

In October last year I wrote about these boys, Fenech-Soler. At the time, I described their sound as "electro without the re-wiring... pop without the bubblegum". I was also astounded that were producing such accomplished music, here on their MySpace, being 20 years old and unsigned. Things have changed. One or all of them may have turned 21, but they have also been SIGNED. French dance supremo Alan Braxe has them on his Vulture label and the first release will be out on 11th May!

On the strength of the brilliant The Cult of Romance, an album won't be too far behind. I've loaded a widget of the track below for you to judge for yourself. It's a remix by a guy called Combo and hopefully indicative of where their sound is going. This is a BELTER of a song with hooks aplenty and tons of panache.

The Cult of Romance

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Follow the band on twitter in the lead up to their debut release and look here and here for more Fenech-Soler.

The stylish, creative pic above is by Elisha Smith-Leverock. They should get a whole load more done by her. Now!

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Paul said...

the music is good and the boys are cute. what more could i want.