Sunday, 22 March 2009

Come on, Emmon!

Emmon's album Closet Wanderings has been out a couple of months now. Unfortunately, it seems to be passing under everyone's radar, which is a shame. Perhaps an overseas release will give it the recognition it deserves as an accomplished electro collection. With a new album by Marsheaux imminent and the success of La Roux and Little Boots in the UK charts, now is the perfect time to push Emmon onto a wider stage again. Her debut album The Art & The Evil garnered worldwide recognition and she needs to build on that success. Closet Wanderings is strong enough to do just that. The lead-off single Secrets and Lies is a tour de force in combining electro pop with the energy of electro dance.

Here's a track (on a natty new widget I found) from Closet Wanderings, called Insomnia, a pulsing broody little number. Review here. Go buy the album here.

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