Monday, 19 February 2007

Last night's chazza gig @ Koko

As I was still recovering from a mammoth birthday party from the previous Friday (got twatted and didn't remember my name 'til Sunday lunchtime. Nice) there was a big old chazza shindig at Koko (one of my favourite venues). It was for Body and Soul, the charity that supports children and their familes blighted by HIV with Scissor Sisters and their mates performing.

Anway, lots of people paid £100 a ticket for a chance to see Jake Shears and Neil Tennant sing together on the same stage. I'm not begrudging the charity but £100 is a bit steep, especially with Ben 'Write-a-few-mouldy-old-words-for-the-mouldy-old-Queen musical-er-thanks-ker-ching' Elton hosting.

BUT! Who cares, they raised loads of money.
Here's a coupla pics of Jake and Neil making big gay eyes at each other - and thanks to Arjan and his photographer mate for the 'loan' of 'em...

Neil: "Do think they'll notice me looking at the words for 'Bad Ass Strippa?"
Jake: "Dunno, but Jentina down there looks really fucked off!"

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