Thursday, 22 February 2007

Mika: "I should Koko!"

I couldn't bear having Fonda at the top of the page (sozz, girl!)... So here's a luvverly pic of Mika as I tell you I'm going to see him perform live! At Koko! Tonight! In glamorous Camden!

I will report back. xx


DanProject76 said...

Hello again.

Your link to me in your Blog links is a bit wrong. You've used the 'blog stats' blog rather than the actual blog! Try using instead.

Oh yeah, Mika. I am glad he is finally getting some attention. Those songs have been around for ages!

Phil said...

Thanks Dan! Duly noted and cleared up. Peeps now go live and direct to your very, very entertaining blog (rather than the slightly less entertaining stats).

Can't wait for the show tonight. Hurrah!