Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Ooh! Summat different

Another band who've been knocking around for a while but have officially got some product out are Unklejam. Whilst Love Ya (out on digital now and physical 26.02) isn't my favourite in their canon - What Am I Fighting and Stereo are more up my back passage - it's completely different to what's out there... when every electro track starts sounding like an 80's rip-off or, worse still, Hot Chip (just joking 'puter music fans!), it's refreshing to see a band attempting something different. Although the soul voice over cold electro isn't new, with these boys (and a dash of Funkadelic) it sounds faaaaabulous. Even the names match the aural ambitions: Adonistar, Tyson Speede and Bobby Joel Stearns. Again, faaaaabulous.
See their MySpace
And a fab PopJustice review from earlier this year

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DanProject76 said...

I agree that the single isn't their best. That honour goes to 'The Touch' which is just mental but very very good. And funky.