Tuesday, 20 February 2007

That girl is an indie Cindy, Leggo haircut and polka dot dress...

Ever since the glorious PopJustice pointed me in their direction, I've had a real soft spot for Hadouken!.

Gobshites the lot of 'em. If it weren't for the acutely observed and downright funny-as-fuck lyrics they could be dismissed as the That Boy That Girl so roundly set upon on the track itself. I love the hard-as-nails sound with the Casio synths screeching away. They actually sound as if they're enjoying themselves too much.

That Boy That Girl's release in physical format on 26th Feb on Surface Noise Records warrants a huge mention.

But, go ramraid their MySpace as there's two songs available on DOWNLOAD... FREE GRATIS! Although it isn't one of the downloads, Tuning In, is even better than the single. In my humble opinion. Go. NOW!

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