Friday, 16 February 2007

Nobodaddy goody

Every so often there's a song you just keep on repeat. You love it and it loves you! Dark Clouds by Nobodaddy is that song. Lyrically darker than it sounds - a lost soul looking for a safe haven - the music suggests there's a silver lining... or that might just be my puppy-dog-optimistic take on everything. The singing has a gorgeous raspy catch which only adds to the emotion of the song. Nobodaddy are a melodious, folksy, gutsy duo called Mike and Adam who seem to have a knack for proper song writing.

Dark Clouds
is my favourite track on their new album There Must be Less to Life Than This. You can buy it in the UK at iTunes, which you'll have to go through all the pollava of searching for yourself as the link doesn't want to play on this blog! Fack! BUT! For the US of A, though, you can buy it at CD Baby. You can also hear the streaming tracks there too...

Hopefully, when I get through this technical fug and manage to get streaming tracks and mp3 files to actually appear alongside the posts, then it'll all be in one place.

Anyhoo, whizz over to their brand spanking new website for a look see at them both.

"Or is it because Secresy
gains females loud applause"
- To Nobodaddy by William Blake.

I knew it. The girls'll love 'em!

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