Wednesday, 14 February 2007

My grand intentions

Imagine if your loved one gave you a Purple Ronnie card today. Oof, worra stinker. And THAT’S why I can’t bear VD. Well, that and the Ark-like ambiance of an over-priced restaurant. Can’t think of anything worse. Hang on, yes I can… Forever Friends!

My post today was actually going to introduce my intentions for this blog. Anyhoo, what I was going to say was, I want it to be my take on pop culture with a bit of social commentary thrown in (like 90% of every blog on the www). I want this blog to be as entertaining, and as valuable as the ones I have taken to my liddle ol’ heart. Every now and again I’d like to be the one to introduce you to music you would never have heard otherwise; whether by a new or old artist. I’d like to be the one to enthuse you about a magazine, a book, an image or any kind of mind-candy. Or I’d like to be the one who’s take on anything is worth reading. High intentions I know, but there’s my stall and you’re welcome to have a nose.

Having said all that, I’m still working my way around all the new blog-type wotsits and will introduce different media like, ooooh, pictures in the next post.

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