Monday, 19 February 2007

Mad about the boy

Talking of that creaky old musical at the Dominion (We Will Rock You - but gently), it reminded me of this brilliant self-filmed, self posted documentary by the Boy himself. The first 30 seconds or so he describes, and has footage of, a run-in with the sharpest Front-of-House ever.

There's another 10 in this series of docs on YouTube called The Sanity of Boy George which he posted himself in reaction to Channel 4's The Madness of Boy George. Have a look see at the whole series for yourself over on YouTube. I'll post more of George's other vids in the coming weeks as he always seems to have an opinion, on or has a hand in, the latest topic or zietgeist.

The man is fucking hilarious. As ever. He may love flashy editing of his models' arses posing in B-Rude gear, but then again... have you seen 'em!!! And if he's not sober, he's squiffy, speedy or stoned, but he's always on it. Very erudite and deserving of the kind of regard we all afford Quentin. A trailblazer who will get the blanket recognition one day. Gawd bless ya Georgie Girl.


xolondon said...

I had been of th eopinion that he lost his voice over the past 3 years, but I actually really like the new single he did with Amanda Ghost. Classic BG lyrics.

Phil said...

His voice comes and goes, surprisingly. He was awful on Jonathan Ross's BBC show, but abso-fucking-lutely brilliant at Koko a couple of weeks ago. When he's good, he's marvelous and the voice now has a kind of 'baggage': rich croaky and full of stories. Bless.