Saturday, 9 June 2007

Another shameless Big Brother post

Famous last words I know, but I'm liking this Big Brother series. Last year's freaks 'n' totty show was ugly; like the drunk in the corner of the room no one wants to talk to for fear of being bored to death.

This year, it's zesty and with more girls than boys, it's feisty. Above all though, it's actually FUNNY! Chanelle is the biggest Joker in the pack for me: that accent! It's all "I knuuur" this and "Duuurn't" that. In this clip she's worried about the hygiene in the Big Brother house and the fact they might all get genital herpes from the toilet paper. Bless.

And I just love this clip of the argument over hair straightners. Chanelle is so right. Her hair IS a bubble that's hard to keep straight. Emily, playing the alpha male with everyone preening her, takes all that time to do her hair and it still looks like shagged-all-day-in-bed hair afterwards. Love Lesley's wry disdain from a distance...

And Shabnam! Completely. Barking. With the whites of her eyes clearly visible, a sure sign of madness, you just know there are screaming voices in her head telling to kill all the housemates. But she's completely dur too. This clip is crass stupidity at it's best.

It's a pity Lesley walked this morning, though. The pensioner was heads above the others. In a discussion about Harrods store with Chanelle saying to her "I love it there too" Lesley quips back: "Well, the difference between you and me my love, is that I can afford to shop at Harrods and you can't" Ouch.

And finally, good riddance to the bad rubbish that was Emily.

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