Monday, 4 June 2007

You leave the room for 5 minutes...

...and look what happens:

1) The Strumpet of Sleaze releases a new album!

"Quick take the fookin picture, everyone in the Yard Bar is looking at me!"
I'm getting my copy of his new Stardom Road album tomorrow - check out XO's tender post. Me and Marc go back a long way, but I'll wait until his 50th birthday on July 9th - the day of his London concert - to do my proper post. Until then, here's a track from the Tenderness is a Weakness single and A Woman's Story EP. This was recorded live in an expensive studio but with a monkey on the mixing desk, the levels seem to go all over the shop. But the words, although written by someone else, are pure Marc fodder, camp, arch and a tale to tell.

The Heel - Marc Almond (mp3 Download)

2) Someone with a penis - probably very small - goes on Big Brother

"Love me, please. It's my last chance!"
A bloke called 'Ziggy' went into the nest of vipers on Friday. His total lack of personality meant that no one noticed. He used to be Zac in a boyband called Northern Line (not this one) and in pop mag circles used to be known as 'cat's arse mouth'.

3) Electroqueer has EXACTLY the same run-in with airport security as yourself

Gone. Forever.
See number 1. My half bottle of Marc Jacobs scent was swiped by some spotty 16 year old in Edinburgh, despite my swanning through Heathrow with it four days earlier. Sheesh. Oh, and I lost my phone on the plane but British Airways couldn't give a shizzle. Sheesh again.

4) The London Olympics 2012 logo was unveiled

And it's gone down like a cup of cold sick. One comment was that it looks like someone giving head. I like it. I'm not sure it'll still be on trend in five years' time, but at the mo', it's fab.

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Electroqueer said...

LOL - Motherfunkers...I was so pissed for about 2 hours afterwards that I couldn't even bring myself to purchase anything in Duty Free. I usually drop 100 quid at Duty Free every trip but thanks to those arses I won't EVER give them anything again. What makes me even more mad is that I know they don't throw it away. Some kid now is galavanting around wearing my scent. Damn them.