Wednesday, 6 June 2007

This must be the remix...

Dragonette and Unklejam have a lot more in common than just having singles out at the same time. The dedication of these two bands deserves a huge amount of respect, but more importantly, they have a real PASSION for creating exciting music. That's PASSION in CAPS! I do cross my fingers, though, and hope they don't end up down the same sticky bargain bin dumper as The Modern and *sniff* Lorraine.

I really admire the bravery of Dragonette, the core of which upped sticks from Canada and headed for London because they thought it would best suit their ambitions.

And Unklejam arrived in town from all corners, including Miami, knowing that London would provide a creative haven for their brand of electro funk.

Here are two remixes which actually have a lot more in common than the original tunes they stem from, ie they're remixes that add to the canon not subtract. How many times have you found a mix only to hit delete on the first few 'pumping bars'? Unklejam released their best track What Am I Fighting For? on Monday just gone, and this remix mutates the track into a dirty house slammer whilst the Dragonette upcoming release, Take It Like a Man becomes a Braxe & Falke dirty disco special.

What Am I Fighting For (Steve Mac Smack Vocal Remix) - Unklejam (mp3 Download)

Take It Like a Man (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) - Dragonette
(mp3 Download)


J'ason D'luv said...

Dragonette. Fab!

Have a great time in Nice, star! Eat lots of cheese! And try to blog once or twice while you're there... but if not, catch you when you're back!


Phil said...

Thanks Jason! But I'll leave off the cheese. It ain't good for the beach!