Sunday, 24 June 2007

The chromosomes match

At last! I've always tried really hard with Roisin Murphy. I've always thought she has a unique and gorgeous voice but just couldn't get on with the songs. Like everyone, my collection started and ended with Moloko's Sing It Back. But this new track, Overpowered, is right up my strasse. It's out next week and, as ever, the video accompanying it is creatively fabulous.

The Gareth Pugh outfit makes the story, that of a pop star finishing to a huge adoring crowd and then leaving with no entourage, no fanfare and getting on the bus to go home. An extraordinary vision in an ordinary world. That huge mad dress and coat of Pugh's looks surreal in the grimy city landscape, especially when she pops into the Take Away for a drunken Kebab.

There's some great remixes of Overpowered, all with their very own MySpace, Roisin Murphy Remixed. XO pointed out the Seamus Haji one a couple of weeks ago and it's up there.

And there's another, here:
Overpowered (Loose Cannons Remix) - Roisin Murphy (mp3 Download)

And just because I love these paintings by Simon Henwood, and they'll make this site look gorge, a collage of 3 Roisins from the last album.

And here's a super duper remix of, what was, until now, my only RM tune.
Sing It Back (BMR Clubcut Mix) - Moloko (mp3 Download)

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