Tuesday, 5 June 2007

"Marsheaux! Marsheaux! Marxheaux!"

A crap Brady Bunch pun I know but there you go. Greek synth duo Marsheaux, for that is their name, are about to step up a gear in their quest for world domination. Following a ringing endorsement from Popjustice, (and with a neater, more pithy post title than the one above), Electronically Yours reports that their brilliant Peek a Boo album is being 'double digi-packed' with their fabulous debut album Ebay Queen. Thanks girls. After I'd forked out for my SINGLE copy of Peek a Boo. *Snorts disdainfully like Brian Sewell*

Anyhoo, this is the 'newer' product

Client's German label, Out of Line, have come up with the spondoolics to make the magic happen. You can get your copy here at Non-Stop. This is genuinely great news for Marianthi and Sophie; they deserve the recognition of their gorgeous electro. But one thing: more promotion! I'd love to link to an interview but there's a complete dearth. Mind you this link is sweet, a badly translated version of what was probably a very poetic post in German on Nero Tunes.

Shh! Don't tell anyone, but what I've got 'ere is a jewel! A gem I tells ya! Done wiv some geezer called Vassilikos, 'ere's summing called Promise. Promise.

Promise - Marsheaux (mp3 Download)

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