Friday, 21 March 2008

Brand new Pet Shop Boys track!

It's only one minute long and available to buy as part of a limited edition fashion & culture magazine Visionaire, a ssssssnnnnniiipppppp at £500. But fuck that elitist shit. You can listen HERE!

Perhaps this new song Transfer is a comment on the price tag: "I deserve a better life, you must agree/I only want a little country house, a dog, a car..." - I KNOW it costs a bomb to produce, but really... £500 for David Byrne, U2, Michael Stipe on there as well? But further listening, and I think it's more a comment on the Mucca/Macca divorce. Guess which role Neil is playing on the song...

Visionaire 53 - Sound is the mag's latest issue. The incarnation of which consists of picture vinyl discs played by a Mini Clubman car. Fab idea, dodgy content, whatevs, looky here. And here for the previous 52 issues...

is also available at the Pet Shop Boys site in Products: Exclusive Tracks (bottom left in Navigation). But, for the LONGER REMIX which someone has ever so helpfully spliced together, go here.

Illustration by Jamie McKelvie 2008

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