Monday, 3 March 2008

The Prince of Electro-Soul

At least, that's the title bestowed on Sam Sparro in this month's Attitude magazine - CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO MAKE IT BIGGER. In an introductory featurette, Sam explains his love for Dame Shirley Bassey (natch): "I like people that have a strong identity both musically and visually: ecccentric people like Shirley Bassey and Bjork who are just really, severely [what?!!!] themselves. I love Beth Ditto becasue she's just like, "Fuck it, I'm going to take my clothes off!". I don't feel silly being ridiculous on stage because it seems like what you should be doing."

And like most, young, gay artists his sexuality doesn't really figure in the music:" Being gay isn't something that I think about any more." Which is fair enough, but please don't go down the Mika route and cut your dick off despite your leanings!

Can't WAIT to see what happens with the new single Black and Gold, which everyone has been (to coin a phrase from a well-known blogger) fizzing at the gash about.

HisSpace clicky here!

Also in this month's ish is a candid interview with Dan Gillespie Sells. He was a right old mixed bag of emotions for years... Bless his shy little cottons.


DanProject76 said...

Hurrah for a good issue of Attitude at last!

xolondon said...

That gingham makes me drip. xoxo

Adem With An E said...

He - aesthetically - reminds me of someone I used to go to school with, and vocally of someone a friend used to date (he was a good singer, that one.)

Has my disinterest in all things Mika seen me miss news of him actually publicly making a proper statement about his sexuality yet? He got so very boring quite quickly.

Mmmff. Dan is looking FINE on that cover.

Phil said...

Too right Dan. But they've had their problems over the past year or so...

XO - too funny, but hasn't he got a ton of make-up on. The clear mascara, the lip gloss, the concealer. Tons!

Adem - a Sam Sparro amalgam! Lucky you. And yeah, Mika. Yawn.