Thursday, 6 March 2008

I bump for a buck

I remember this track, Male Stripper by Man2Man with legendary NYC DJ Man Parrish, being huge here in the heady spring of 1987. In the minds of most of the UK who made the record a number 4 hit, the vocalist could have been a Chippendale singing "I was a male stripper in a go-go bar". It was a club track turned party record, and weirdly, one of those wedding party records to boot; a million miles away from its gay Hi-NRG roots. Go over to Retroland NOW for the long and the short of it (radio and club mp3 downloads!).

Years later in 2002 I found myself in The Cock in New York. As you do. And it quickly became my favourite place lemme tells ya, but picture the scene: it was a Sunday night and Man Parrish was DJaying. The crowd seemed a bit nonplussed but I was doing imaginary cartwheels around the room. I couldn't believe it. There was the creator of one of my seminal tracks. I did what I hardly ever do and went up to him. But because I was a bit pissed I ACTUALLY started singing. Yes. The. Shame. Of. It. "Strip for me babe, strip for you. Strip for me 'cos I want you to". And bless him, he asked politely, "Are you English? 'Cos all you guys do that to me."

And here's the vid of brothers Miki and Paul Zone aka Man2Man, looking like they ram-raided CloneZone!

Tips in G-string make my living!

And I've always said these two were too clone-like to be straight!


D'luv said...

I got dragged (dragged I tell you!!) to The Cock in 2004. After about an hour, I ended up telling the guy I worked with at the time who took me there that I was heading back to the hotel....this was like 2 a.m.

Fast forward to 10 a.m. the next morning. I walked around the corner to grab some orange juice to go with my breakfast, and as I walked back to the elevator in the hotel lobby, there was my coworker friend slumped against the wall, sunglasses on, just coming home.

I said, "Were you at The Cock this entire time?"

His reply: "Well, not the bar..."

Phil said...

Co-worker? Really Mr D'Luv?


Adem With An E said...

I recall that Male Stripper song being remixed/covered a DOZEN times (slight exaggeration) during the 90's as well, but nothing ever came close to the original, which I remember my aunty used to play on her cassette player in her bedroom for me whenever I came over.