Friday, 21 March 2008

I think I'm electric when I dream of you

Fresh from the silicon chip factory - formed February this year in fact - Ozzie band, Parralox have the beginnings of a proper album appearing on TheirSpace. Electronically Yours, the passionate purveyor of all things electro was the first one at the factory gates. They are a duo consisting of Roxy (keep it one word, baby - it worked for Kylie) and John Von Ahlen (is he the 'Juan' as mentioned on the MySpazz page? Who knows...). The backing tracks are pure pop (definite influences of Human League in there) and with Roxy's great pop vocals, the songs stand up on their own with a potential to break out of cyberspace.

Go to TheirSpace and listen to my two favourites Love With a Drum Machine and We Believe in Electric Love.

The first digital/physical release by the band will be on the Electronically Yours/Undo Records compilation EY Vol. 1 in May, which will also feature Marsheaux, Client and Cassette Electrik.

John Von Ahlen already has another band under his belt. The Tenth Stage are a fine electronic MALE duo who have been around for a couple of years. Catch up with them here on this snazzy website and here for some freebie remix downloads like these two below...

Nobody's Diary (The Tenth Stage Remix) - Yazoo

We Live So Fast (The Tenth Stage e-house Remix) - Heaven 17 (zShare)


Yuяi said...

As usual, you are SPOT ON, Phil! Parralox is HOT! Love their songs! Where can we get some mp3s?

Phil said...

I've hunted high and low and can't find any! I think they're so new it's all just MySpace streaming for now, Yuri...

If you find any, let me know!