Wednesday, 12 March 2008

FREE! Hercules and Love Affair!

The Hercules and Love Affair UK invasion is at full pelt this week. To herald the album's arrival, British iTunes has made the first track, Time Will, available for download this week. But, shhhh. You can get it below! It's another Antony Hegarty spesh.

Time Will - Hercules and Love Affair (zShare)

The eponymous album is available everywhere, but take time out to go to iTunes and listen to my favourites You Belong, Iris and Raise Me Up. The reviews aren't wrong. It's clear Yazoo and early disco figure heavily, but there's also a gorgeous deep house influence, especially on You Belong - doesn't singer Nomi sound like Boy George? The throbbing bass and echoing chord stabs wouldn't be amiss at Voodoo upstairs in the Mardis, Liverpool, early '90s: low ceilings, sweat dripping, strobe on overload, air thick with dry ice and people off their fucking nuts.

And here are a few of those mood-enhancing Voodoo tracks which H&LA clearly had in the back of their minds...

Some Lovin' - Liberty City (Danny Tenaglia)

Amber Groove - SAS (zShare)

Bump and Grind - Puro Sesso

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**UPDATE** Go to Popjustice for a luvverly little interview... not here - 'cos that's news about tours and shizzle, but here.


D'luv said...

Shizzle. That's probably what this guy in the pic is into.

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