Saturday, 22 March 2008

Cry for you... and the whole of the UK

About time! Known now as 'doing a Robyn' where an act, huge in Scandanavia, gets picked up by radio over here and broken into the UK market via the dance route, Cry For You has made Radio 1's B playlist and daytime DJ Scott Mills is FIZZING over it. 23 year old Petra Marklund, aka September, has been banging her toons out for a few years now and scoring number ones in Sweden, Spain and the US Dance Airplay Chart (vare niche). Like Robyn, she's Swedish, she's the bloggers' favourite and the track picked up by the UK isn't her biggest-selling. Have a listen the Euro-massive Satellites here.
The Sun
go predictably for the 'hot chick' angle.

Any similarities to Robyn and breaking out into the UK market end there. What's interesting is that the single has been released on Ministry of Sound's Hard2Beat, the same label that brought us two of the biggest tunes of the year so far, Basshunter's Now You're Gone and H ‘two’ O's What’s It Gonna Be. They have packaged Cry For You (You’ll Never See Me Again) for their MASSIVE teen audience. And it's a market largely ignored by the mainstream media at the moment. Quietly sucking in the nation's zit-botherers to concert arenas up and down the country is the dance brand Clubland, a multi-platform phenomenon with CD compilations, a TV Channel, a radio station, mobile phone ringtones, podcasts and the huge Clubland Live events. It's glowsticks a-go-go to a boom boom soundtrack provided by Scooter, Cascada and Ultrabeat. One punter, Vicki was delighted at being in the front row: "GOT SPAT ON BY SCOOTER WE WERE THAT CLOSE, LUV IT! DEF B THERE NEXT TIME X".

Hard2Beat is Ministry's answer to Clubland, but both are vying for the same pocket money. I just hope September doesn't get pigeon-holed into the same 'let's ignore it and it might go away' attitude the non-teen arbiters seems to have with the likes of the annoying Basshunter. We shall see.

Here's a track from last year's album Dancing Shoes:

Can't Get Over - September (zShare)


Adem With An E said...

I remember when "Satellites" was released in Australia through Ministry Of Sound; I was so excited to be able to buy a Septembmer CD in an actual shop!

Pity I was possibly the only person in the country that actually did buy it. At least radio is behind her in the UK though - no one would touch her here.

D'luv said...

I still recall the days when I'd hear "Satellites" streaming on PWL Radio back in summer/fall 2005.

Anyway, this broad's album just got a U.S. release last month. "Can't Get Over" is indeed a jam!

Anonymous said...

The man behind September is Sweden´s grand old lady of electropop Ola HÃ¥kansson. In th early 80s he fronted eurosynth band Secret Service. Check out "Flash in the night"

Enjoying you blog