Sunday, 9 March 2008

Slave to their charms

A random MySpace friend request and up popped this Danish band. I usually get Candy, 20, Alabahama, who "loves lollipops and fucking" or I get nosebleed techno geeks with a 'z' in their name. But this new-ish group, Kind of Girl, (new to the UK with their first release here this month) are a refreshing change.

Hailing from Copenhagen, this five-piece have a lovely ear for melody and some gorgeous radio-friendly songs - some 198 stations worldwide to be precise, including, I see on their biog, a UK station called Radio Nowhere!! The female vocalist, Sissel, writes all the songs and has a really sweet, ethereal voice. I like the big harmony-laden choruses too. There's apparently an album, Lonely in a Modern Way, on the way...

Slave to Your Charms - Kind of Girl (zShare)

Poetry Boy - Kind of Girl

Go to TheirSpace to hear another luverly track called You Can't Save Me with another big chorus.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Much appreciate your writing and photo work!

Please get in contact regarding staying in touch for news / new release etc

I have added you in our list of blogs - at the bottom of the profile

Best, Jesper/manager of Kind of girl