Sunday, 25 May 2008

Those Japanese Northern Irish blokes

The Japanese Popstars is a great name when you're three ordinary-looking blokes from Derry in Northern Ireland. Adding an ironic exoticism to yourself always goes down well on these shores. But I can imagine them sitting in a radio station in Bratislava with the DJ going: "Hey guys, but you're NOT Japanese and you're NOT popstars? What the fucking heck are yous craaazzzeee guyz playing at?". You see? They're going to be plagued with questions like that.

And quite what the rest of the world (Australia aside) will make of their two amazing dance tracks, Rodney Trotter and Delboy's Revenge is anyone's guess. Naming your tunes after UK sitcom characters is very niche, but equally genius. Declan McLaughlin, Gary Curran and Gareth Donoghue who make up the band make straightforward four-to-the-floor dance music, something akin to Orbital or Chemical Brothers. Their album is due in July and Delboy's Revenge is out as a single now through iTunes.

Go here to TheirSpace for all the info.

Rodney Trotter (Radio Edit) - The Japanese Popstars (zShare)


glossy said...

nice one !!!

Adem With An E said...

I love that bit at the start of 'Rodney Trotter' where it sounds as if it's about to break into New Order's 'Blue Monday.' Great track, looking forward to the album (I HAD NO IDEA THEY WEREN'T JAPANESE ACTUALLY. CUE THE LAWLZOLOLOL.)