Thursday, 29 May 2008

Neil Tennant in conversation

A couple of weeks ago I ventured down to Brighton, with some trepidation to coin a Pet Shop Boys lyric, to see Neil Tennant in conversation with writer Michael Bracewell. I say trepidation because I always have a hard time with Brighton. The weather is always that annoying drizzle and everywhere smells of old drains. Pee-uw!

But the event above, at the very municipal surrounds of the Corn Exchange, made it all worthwhile. And those very nice people at the Brighton Festival have made it available as a podcast. Clicky here and go to the link. I like his take on the 80s that it wasn't the loadsamoney culture we mistake it for. More that it was a very political and creatively ambitious decade where miners' wives could unite with a bunch of gayers under a hatred of Mrs Thatcher. And he's right, I didn't know ANYONE who liked Thatcher. Evil bat.


Joseph said...

Oooh, thanks for posting this. I love Neil and I LOVE listening to him speak. The man is always interesting.

Joseph said...

Thanks agin for posting this. I've just gotten around to listening to it and it is wonderful. I did some digging around on the site and found the source MP3 should you want to download it: